When we think of drink and food, there is Community; from Community comes Culture,

and how lives share and embrace with one another.


Since we started as local pioneers more than thirty years ago, Goose Island Beer Company has been home to many diverse voices with a great number of passions; from the mutual love for our city, art, food, and craft beer, we knew we had to share our joys.

That’s how Ingrain Magazine was born.

We are part of Goose Island but not a sales catalog (even if we love telling you about the latest brewing news from inside our warehouse); instead, we are a culmination of collected interests, personalities, and insights surrounding drink, food, and culture.

Rather than tell you a particular beer tastes good, we want to tell you why; the why becomes essential as we explore the history and science surrounding a drink. We treat food the same way – we want to share the craft of preparing a dish. We wish to express our love for art, presenting interviews with fascinating artists. We want to have conversations with our readers.

Goose Island Beer Company has been guided by our respect for the culture of beer, brewing, and beyond. We are proud to connect with you through Ingrain Magazine and these stories. We hope you embrace the passion and learn something new along the way.

Now let’s sit down, crack open a beer, and cheer to community and stories.

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