FOOD: Banchan

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

In the mood for endless, diverse side dishes with your meal? We've got you covered with numerous banchan recipes. —INGRAIN, Summer 2019

The collective name for all those little dishes that you get when you go to a Korean restaurant, banchan usually arrive at the table just before the meal and are meant to be communal. Sometimes, when debating where to eat, Koreans will talk about the banchan that are offered as a final determining factor.

Don't be intimidated by what to do with all these small dishes. You can eat any banchan dish with your main, and also at any time during the meal. Some are enjoyed with a meat dish as a sort of condiment (the acidity helps balance the fattiness of the protein); others are served before and during the meal (still, these aren't hard-and-fast rules). At restaurants, banchan dishes are almost always FREE and ENDLESS! You can always ask for more.

These are some of our favorite banchan that work well with Korean BBQ.


Sigumchi Namul (sautéed Korean spinach)

Moomallaengi Muchim (seasoned dried radish strips)

Mool Namool (radish and carrot kimchi)

Kong Namool (marinated bean sprouts)

Oi Kimchi (cucumber kimchi)  

Oi Muchim (marinated cucumbers)

Gosari Namul (sautéed fiddleheads)

Gool Moo Saeng Chae (oyster and radish kimchi)

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