Meet the Goose Island Beer Co. staff that put together Ingrain Magazine.

Photo @sirbruceleroy

TJ Annerino is the Director of Experiential Marketing at Goose Island and an accomplished musician in his own right. He’s a Chicago Southsider through and through but somehow ended up an avid Detroit Red Wings fan.

Cara Condon focuses on all things cheesey for the Education Department and is our in-house Certified Cheese Professional. She goes out of her way to pet every dog that crosses her path.

Zac Connelly is Goose Island’s Experiential Marketing Manager, which basically means he whips up ideas for events, partnerships, and sponsorships. Sometimes his ideas aren’t bad.

Seth Ekberg grew up on a farm down the road from a garbage dump, drinks beer, and makes movies for Goose Island. He is better for it.

Jenn Garbee is the Managing Editor of Ingrain Magazine. She is a consummate professional in the world of food journalism. She's the one who cracks the whip.

Ken Hunnemeder is the Content Manager at Goose Island. He gets to carry around a camera and do all of the fun shit.

Christina Perozzi is the Editor-in-Chief of Ingrain Magazine and Director of Education at Goose Island Beer Co. She is a super nerd and does things like knit and sous vide.

Mike Smith works in the Education Department, specializing in our barrel-aging program. He can usually be found wandering around the brewery with a Dad joke in mind.

Jesse Valenciana is the resident meat guru and grill whisperer at Goose Island. He fears no beer and laughs in the face of gout.

Erika Wojno is Goose Island’s Chicago Brand Manager. When not in her own city, she spends her free time wishing remarkable moments in new spots could last forever.