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Updated: Dec 13, 2019

To give or keep this holiday season... —INGRAIN, Fall/Winter 2019


Katherine Anne Confections

There’s nothing like hot chocolate when the chill hits hard. We love the Mexican-style, cocoa powder–free mix from local chocolatier Katherine Anne Confections. Laced with cinnamon and a pinch of heat (cayenne, habanero peppers, and guajillo chiles), this ground-chocolate mixture is pure gold. A batch of marranitos is definitely in order.

$24 for 15 ounces (makes 10 to 12 cups)


Goose Island

Sampling the 2017, 2018, and 2019 Bourbon County Brand Stouts (Original) side by side was once the privilege of the die-hard fans who waited in line, often overnight in Chicago’s sub-freezing temps, for the barrel-aged stout’s release on Black Friday each year. Now you can explore the subtle nuances of aroma and flavor between each vintage

and conduct a test test of freshly bottled and cellared barrel-aged beers.

$60 (price varies) for three 16.9-ounce bottles



We get it. Sometimes there just isn’t time to make home-cured duck prosciutto. While developing the recipe for our GIB Test Kitchen feature in this issue, we stumbled upon D’Artagnan’s Moulard version. If you need a conversation starter at that holiday party or, even better, something to nibble on while your own version is curing for weeks, this is it.

$25 for one 12-ounce breast



Fifth-generation master soy sauce brewer Yasuo Yamamoto relies on kioke, the large wood barrels traditionally used to age fermented foods (and filled with friendly microbes), to create this umami-rich, incredibly viscous Tsuru Bishio version. Warning: This stuff will have you tossing out those ho-hum grocery store brands for life.

$20 for 18 ounces (aged four years)


Rick’s Picks

From classic sours to varieties like Smokra (pickled okra amped up with smoked paprika, one of our favorites), New York City–based Rick’s Picks will satisfy every vinegar-friendly vegetable fan. Can’t decide? The Pickle Club can resolve any Phat Beets–versus–Mean Beans arguments once and for all.

$200 for four varieties (delivered four times a year)


Garrett Popcorn

At Garrett Popcorn, caramel and cheese popcorn have been hanging out together since about as long as the 70-year-old shop’s doors have been open. The buttery, caramelized sugar coating and cheese-dusted (think Cheetos) popcorn are a sweet and savory knockout. (Yes, you eat them together all in the same bite.)

$60 for the family size (25 servings)

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