FOOD: Fiesta Mexicana!

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

It’s time to expand your holiday repertoire. Yellowtail aguachile, a citrusy salad, arroz two ways (verde, rojo), chiles rellenos, and pavo (chile-rubbed turkey) are among the dishes that await. —INGRAIN, Fall/Winter 2019

There’s a vibrancy to Mexican food celebrations in our city, especially around the holidays. Regrettably, a good number of these amazing dishes still don’t make it to many American tables.

And so, this year, ours will be loaded with chile-rubbed turkey, DIY chiles rellenos, and lots of delicious rice (arroz two ways!). Cool, crunchy jicama and a plate of the freshest yellowtail aguachile to start, then chubby little piggy cookies (marranitos) for fam and friends to cut out as we get things going with Micheladas.

Beer also works just fine.


Botana de jícama (spiced jicama)

Aguachile (yellowtail ceviche)

Citrus salad

Arroz verde (green rice)

Arroz rojo (red rice)

Chiles rellenos (stuffed chiles)

Pavo (chile-rubbed turkey)

Marranitos (piggy cookies)

For drink ideas, check out our Holiday Beer & Food Pairings guide.

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