GROCERY LIST: Beer Vinegar


Beer, about 50 ounces per batch

Sugar, as needed

Large vinegar mother, halved if large (to make 2 batches)


Citrus peel, fresh fruit, or spices, as desired


2 750ml (25.4 ounces) bottles Juliet + fresh blackberries + ¼ cup sugar

4 12-ounce bottles Sofie + zest ½ orange + ¼ cup sugar

4 12-ounce bottles Virtue Michigan Honey cider

2 500ml (16.9 ounces) bottles Bourbon County Stout*

*If you want to toss more bottles of BCS into a vinegar jar, go for it. But we’re saving at least 1 bottle from last year’s Vertical Pack for ourselves.

GIB Test Kitchen: Beer Vinegar