BEER: Holiday Beer Pairing

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Seasonal beers aren’t a gimmick—the really good ones, at least. Their aromas, flavors, and often the adjunct ingredients (flavor add-ins like vanilla beans or chocolate) shout out that yeah, it’s that time of year again. —INGRAIN, Winter 2018

A holiday IPA craft beer


Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

Chico, CA

Piney and refreshing. Sierra Nevada releases this tribute to the flowers used to create the beverage we all love, hops. The Northern California brewery has released Celebration since 1981. The woodsy and citrusy aromatics and bone-dry finish are a welcome contrast to the typical malty-sweet winter seasonal beer.


Port Brewing Company

San Marcos, CA

Revved up and black as night. Start checking the shelves in late October for this Imperial Stout that takes on the whiskey and vanilla aromatics from the bourbon barrels it rested in during the warmer months. Coconut, chocolate, coffee, and molasses are front and center in this high-octane (10% ABV) winter classic.


Anderson Valley Brewing Company

Boonville, CA

A creamy winter warmer. If you’re still a rookie beer connoisseur (that’s why we’re here), this is one case when the color of a beer is a solid indicator of what’s about to hit your palate. Rich, creamy, and full of vanilla and caramel notes, this amber beer should be kept on the shelf when you want to be reminded of the season.


Goose Island Beer Company

Chicago, IL

A dark beer you can drink. With mild roast on the palate from chocolate malts and balance from caramel malts, this is an approachable and rounded classic porter for winter.


The Huyghe Brewery


Holiday in a glass. Dark fruit like juicy pomegranates and sugarplums fill the nose, followed by bouncy fruitcake and port. Nice heat (fueled by the 10% ABV) lingers in the chest to warm hearts on cold nights.

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