Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Hot or cold, there's a cider for every season. —INGRAIN, Summer 2018

A collection of hard ciders from Goose Island and other breweries

Good cider starts with good apples bred only for the purpose of cidermaking. The process is different from brewing in many ways (for starters, nothing is boiled or heated in cidermaking). Cidermakers can impart tremendous depth and complexity into their products through natural fermentation with wild yeasts and long maturation in oak barrels, and by carefully blending the barrel-aged and fresh ciders into a remarkably balanced and subtle "cru."

Warm cider is a natural pick to drink by the fire in the late days of autumn, but chilled farmhouse-style cider is perfect for a warm summer day. Here are a few to get you tasting.

A collection of hard ciders from Goose Island's Virtue Cider

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