Madame Rose Gin Fizz

Thank goodness our esteemed cocktail editor (and magazine photo director, and Goose Island content director) has a great stash of both liquor and beer in his plethora of vintage bar carts at home. Because nothing cheers you up in quarantine than the ability to make a bar quality cocktail at your own house. This is an amazing cocktail made with our very own Madame Rose beer, a Belgian-style Flanders Red Ale that has been barrel aged in French oak with 50 pounds of tart Michigan & Wisconsin cherries. Check out the recipe below.

Madame Rose Gin Fiz


Makes One


1½ oz gin

½ simple syrup (1:1)

½ lemon juice

1 egg white

1 oz Madame Rose


Combine all ingredients (except beer) in a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously with plenty of ice until the cocktail shaker has frosted over and you're out of breath. Double strain into a coupe and top with 1 oz of Madame Rose.

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