PAIRINGS: Beer + Chairs (Really...)

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

When amateur chair maker and professional brewer Paul Cade starts talking about the parallels between carpentry and brewing, you’ll need to take a seat. Grab a beer and check out his arguments in favor of the craft-ing lifestyle, along with his chair and beer pairings below—INGRAIN, Fall/Winter 2019

STORY / Paul Cade

“The skills involved in building a chair and making beer don’t overlap very much. But for me, they each fulfill the same thing: the desire to both design something and turn that design into reality.” 

Charles and Ray Eames LCW Lounge / Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 

Each created by innovative Californians, these cutting-edge products changed their markets forever. The chair and the beer are both as modern and relevant as the day they were first made.

Classic Barstool / Budweiser

Suitable for both small-town watering holes and urban dive bars, these products are truly made for the masses.

Peter Shire Bel Air Chair / Milkshake IPA

Fun and childlike but kind of like eating dessert for dinner. The phrase “too much of a good thing” comes to mind. (So much that I don't feel I can even choose a single milkshake IPA.)

Mies van der Rohe Barcelona Chair / Goose Island Madame Rose

There is a fine line between taking yourself seriously and taking yourself too seriously. These both walk that line gracefully.

Folding Lawn Chair / Stiegl-Radler

There are only a few things that can heighten the experience of being outside on a warm summer day. This folding lawn chair and a Stiegl-Radler are two of them. Add some good friends or a good book and you’ve pretty much reached perfection, in my opinion.

Thonet No. 14 / Saison Dupont

These iconic products take their inspiration from hundreds of years of rural French craftsmanship. Thonet and Dupont perfected mass production while maintaining their original spirit.

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