MUSIC: Sounds at the Brewery #2

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

One of the things that powers us through the work day? Music. —INGRAIN, Spring 2019

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs make for stellar live music
Top: The Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs / Bottom: The Morning After Tattoo

STORY / Erika Wojno

YEAH YEAH YEAH, I’m talking about them again. Have you ever thought about

making that ultimate commitment? Showing your ultimate devotion? No, I’m not

talking about to your significant other; I’m talking about a commitment to one of

your favorite bands—the total groupie move of getting a band tattoo. Well, this

girl HAS. When one of your Top Five is playing at the summer 215 Block Party

along with Joey Purp, AND you’ve hit a couple of breweries (and maybe had a shot of Fernet), sometimes tattoos happen.


The new Gunship album, Dark All Day. Terrific synthwave for electronic and heavy metal fans.


The new album from Gunship, Dark All Day, is just great. And it’s getting a lot of praise from mixed demographics—everyone from metalheads to new-wave junkies and both electronica and synthwave kids. I like it, and if you’re pining for the ’80s or Stranger Things, you’ll probably like it too.

Check Out “Time After Time,” the band’s tried-and-true cover, sums up the general feel and nostalgia that Gunship excels at executing



Oh man, Rhye. (Swoon.) Delivering heavily seductive vocals and sensual instrumentals, this collaborative group first came together to release Woman in 2013. The group’s sophomoric release, Blood, brings a little more energy to the table while not losing any of that Rhye sensuality. Mike Milosh’s airy vocals are combined with horns, strings, and other elements that come together and deliver an album you can place on repeat. Take it one step further and check out Blood Remixed for more alluring electronics and throbbing bangers in the vein of their song “Waste.”

Don’t Miss “Open” or “The Fall” on the album Woman, and “Taste” or “Count to Five” on Blood

The band Thunderpussy rocking out


I first saw Thunderpussy at a Santa Barbara music festival two years ago. After the set, I ran into mega babe and vocalist Molly Sides, shared a casual smoke and a chat, and quickly realized that she was a gem. Sure to capture your attention, the all-female band combines old school rock and roll with killer stage vibes. I’m talking high-energy thrusts/splits/kicks and raging riffs—all delivered by a band that is sure to turn you on.

First-Taste Suggestion “Velvet Noose,” “The Cloud,” or “Speed Queen”—all on the band’s self-titled 2018 release, Thunderpussy

Sharon Van Etten, along with her new album, Remind Me Tomorrow


Van Etten came into our Fulton Street brewery to collaborate on a release for the Pitchfork Music Festival in 2014, and you can say I’ve had a soft spot for the songwriter ever since. Why? She’s charismatic and approachable, with the voice of an angel, and it was a pleasure working with her. (AND she likes beer!) Although I haven’t heard much off the upcoming release (other than the beating “Comeback Kid”), I am anxiously awaiting the indie rock singer’s next album. Industry folks who have gotten a sneak peek hint at an uptick in instrumentals—piano, synths, drums, even an organ. I expect Van Etten will deliver another honest, emotionally raw, ideal-for-a-Sunday-morning lineup.

Anticipated Release Van Etten’s fourth album, Remind Me Tomorrow, but it will probably be out by the time you read this...

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