MUSIC: Spin Class

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Whether it’s playing while we’re brewing or cranking at our events, we take the quality of our recorded music very seriously here at Goose Island. Here are three solid turntables that we use at home and in the brewery to play music the way it was meant to sound—on vinyl. And they are all under $500. —INGRAIN, Spring 2019

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon record player perfect for playing music


Former Goose Island brewmaster and audiophile Brett Porter liked this turntable so much that he worked with Echo Audio to customize a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon player complete with a cut-out 312 can. You can get a traditional version in various colors for superior sound at home. $399

Music Hall MMF-1.5 record player perfect for playing music


The cherry wood veneer is the finishing touch, and the built-in phono preamplifier a bonus, but the Music Hall mmf-1.5’s removable headshell is the real gem here. Use it to swap out cartridges (the sound converting device that attaches to the needle) to take full control of your turntable’s audio. $399

Audio-Technica AT-LP 120-USB record player perfect for playing music


In the Goose Island offices on Fulton Street is a space dedicated to music called the 312 Room. It is there we have our prized musical memorabilia: a guitar signed by Mumford & Sons, an album cover signed by Chance the Rapper. And in that room, we play our music on this Audio-Technica turntable, a great choice for newcomers and pros alike. $299


Vinyl Me, Please music publication

So you just got your turntable and now need to start a kick-ass vinyl collection? Join Vinyl Me, Please. and sign up for one of their “tracks,” which include “Classics,” the best of soul, blues and jazz, “Essentials,” must-haves across various genres and eras, and “Rap & Hip Hop” (oldschool to SoundCloud). Each month they select and press an exclusive record for each of their tracks along with collectible art prints and sometimes even a drink pairing. From $25/month