Updated: Feb 28, 2020

In this new column, we let you in on all the cool things our employees are currently digging! —INGRAIN, Spring 2019

Yeah, when you work for a brewery, the best (and worst) ideas, projects, and random sharings—homemade bitters, food-scrap stock, a Justin Bieber podcast!—are floated in the taproom.

Angostura Bitters


We’ve always got a food- or beverage-related project going on at our house. Lately it’s been perfecting an Old Fashioned, which is all about the bitters. I’m expanding my herb garden to make my own bitters this summer. — Alana Scholl, Brewery Planning Manager

2 Less Lonely Girls podcast


I’m jazzed about Two Less Lonely Girls, a Justin Bieber fan podcast, but for adults! It’s a weekly podcast where two comedians (Corinne Fisher and Rosebud Baker) discuss the latest J Biebs news and take a look at fame and celebrity in general. The duo recount antics, like when they crept outside of Hailey Baldwin’s apartment or slid into the DMs of Justin Bieber’s mom and Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz. It’s a fun and lighthearted listen. [you can’t make this stuff up.] — Amanda Kazimir, Staff Accountant

Imperfect Produce


I am loving Imperfect Produce, an online supplier of produce that doesn’t pass the average grocery-store beauty contest. l use all the random veggies to make soups and to feed my daughter tasty baby-food purées, and the fruits for toppings in oatmeal during Breakfast Club (the name that a few folks at the brewery and I came up with for the mornings when we eat oats together). — Quinn Fuechsl, R&D Brewer

All-Clad 16 QT Stockpot


This year I decided to make a stride toward less food waste, so I save my food scraps—onion skins, the butt ends of peppers, basically whatever you would usually toss in the garbage. I put them in gallon-size plastic bags to freeze. When I’ve gathered a few bags, I dump them into my 16-quart stockpot and top it off with water. Two to four hours later, I’ve got a flavorful vegetable stock! When you’re ready to make soup, you can tweak the flavor by adding fresh or dried herbs. Or freeze the stock in ice cubes to use for gravy, sauces, etc. Bonus: Compost the veggies after you’ve made your stock. — Di Rodriguez, Brewer


A friend and I both were “conversational” in Italian in college, but that ability has faded. We decided to sign up for classes to relearn the language (through a school in Chicago); we also have a conversation group. The crescendo will be going to Italy in the fall for the wine harvest to put our Italian (and wine-tasting) skills to the test. — Brooke Bell, QA Manager

Water Aerobics


I started going to a water-aerobics class at my gym, and my friends have been teasing me pretty hard about it. But let me tell you, it’s awesome. The workout surprises you; simple things like jumping jacks or hopping are strangely challenging with the resistance from the water. But my favorite part? It’s just a little bit silly, so there is no chance for things to get too serious or anyone being “too good.” We’re all just hanging out

in a pool! — Cara Condon, Educator

Beer Cookie Cutters


After a knee-replacement surgery, I needed something to keep me busy. You can only watch so many episodes of a cookie-baking challenge, so I decided to try my hand at baking my own sugar cookies. At first I tried lots of cookie-cutter shapes, but then decided to make beer themed cookies: pint and pilsner glasses frosted with royal frosting. Recently I acquired some additional cutters to expand my cookie craze to Chicago dogs and pizza. Who says brewers can’t

be bakers! — Chris McCleary, Brewer